Coming soon Products of the Constructive System in several scales and materials.

scale 1/10, Tecido Flecha ( Tissue Arrow ), one Block and coin of one cruzeiro

scale 1/5, Tecido Flecha ( Tissue Arrow ), one Block and coin of one cruzeiro

scale 1/10, Tecido Flecha ( Tissue Arrow ), and small wooden chair








       Arrows can Perform Construction or complement any Architectural Construction or Utility, sizes can vary from 2.5cm, 5cm (50mm is the length of the basic parts in the 1/10 scale, 2.54mm profile, 1mm diameter metal pin) 25cm, 50cm, 1m, 1.5m, 2m, 2.5m, 3m, 4m, 5m (Has Application for Civil Construction, Roofs, Pavilions, Hangars, Garages, Awnings, Houses, Buildings, Elevation of Structural Levels, Stands, Mezzanines, Walls, Stairs, Walkways, Windows, Skylights, Stained Glass, Fairings, Chassis several, Playground Toy, Little Roofs, Little Houses, Partitions, Furniture, Utilities, Toy, Models, etc...).


       For the mesh spans we will have "fill lids" or "structural lids" on the axis of the structures, smooth surface finish as pixels (in the case of "structural lids" we will have vertical lines as super reinforced pillars), for each case a type of "lid"; Also for floors, ceilings and walls...

       Pieces of 3m long shaft, 3" in profile, can realize buildings of up to 5 floors, 1.5m is the grid of floor in shaft, the Structure in these proportions acquires great resistance and balance, even without using the "structural lids" which further extend the resistance of the assembly considering the structuring of the perimeter of the grids of wall, floor or roof.

       The "lids" stiffen much more the structural mesh.

       Anchors and Foundations are also modulated for direct fit of the Structures, with differences according to application. Special finishing pieces can leave the structures looking smooth, without ends (the finishing pieces are fixed by 'clip' or bolting, available options and diverse according to scale, material and application).

       Depending on need and demand special pieces can be made... Structures of various scales can be composed in a Structure because the axes are proportional and overlap, smaller pieces shafts they adapt to the axis of larger pieces.

       Pieces with mass relief remain more resistent, solid in the region of docking, according sizing equilibrate the static and dynamic efforts of the Structure in mode uniform with high performance.

       When glue is passed on the structural fitting surfaces of the pieces, the structure reaches the Total Strength, because depending on the glue the structure breaks the material of the pieces before breaking the glue, the same case of the weld (system tested and proven in the zenith of the International Airport Salgado Filho in Porto Alegre-RS per amounts Male and Female joined by glued transverse Pins, glue for aluminum). In link:
Spatial Structures Projected and Performed in Detail by Leonardo Jorge / Text in English.

       The materials can vary of Plastic colored or transparent up until Metallic Alloys for high resistance (Tissue Arrow in pieces small in metal generate many utility options, larger pieces will be more economical with mass relief and ribbed structural lines for greater strength).

       Currently there are 70 types of parts derived from the Structural Construction System.

       Machines, but mainly Molds are the 'Tools' which accomplish with precision, with big productivity, the greater part of pieces.

       The reinforcement of the resistance of the parts by rounding the orthogonal faces generates stress relief for ductile materials, can be adapted according to Structural Calculation for materials, scales and specific applications (even considering armor internal for the parts of the system).

       The Constructive System of Blocks can not evolve much further in size than 1/1 scale (basic piece for 'S' or 'N' interlacing of 37.5X12.5X12.5cm), but the Tissue Arrow Constructive System can go beyond Basic piece of Tissue Arrow compared to the 1/1 scale of the Blocks would have 50X2.54X2.54cm and 100X2.54X2.54cm, fifty centimeters and a meter per inch of square profile), Tissue Arrow (TECIDO FLECHA); can follow proportion of square or round profile for Application in Large Scope Coverage Structures, for different constructive applications depending on the solution chosen to perform the pieces. It is possible to realize Arrows of four meters in length per square profile of four inches, or even larger pieces according to Specific Structural Calculations of Special Projets for better performance of parts made to order, including pieces with greater difference of height for greater horizontal structuring like Is the appearance of a beam.



Lids type Pixels on the axis of the Structure Tecido Flecha:

Structuring orthogonal by smoothing of rays, 45 of intercalation to equilibrium orthogonal for higher structure performance:

Evolution of Pieces Tecido Flecha:

Blocks 33 pieces & Tecido Flecha 70 pieces

Finishing the mesh with amounts Male and Female, for fixing and or flat tips

Finishing of the mesh with special parts for bonding or screwing

Finishing of the mesh with special pieces for "Clip", hitch fast

some mounted pieces of Tissue Arrow, in this option are two equal parts only,
it is foreseen to use a "U" profile to strengthen the axis of the Pin attachment in an external mode,
same system detailed in drawing which uses three equal pieces for the formation of an Arrow
but with width adjusted to transpose interleaving two pieces
each piece has a length of 50cm on axis, measured with the assembly of the Blocks in the background,
the Blocks in scale 1/1 has modulation of 12.5cm, the fourth part of a meter
This rustic prototype was made of wood, plywood, cut by laser

the Blocks are made of PE rotomolded

Rustic molds for vulcanization of rubber pieces, 25cm long Arrows, 2X plate 40X40X1cm mold:

Tecido Flecha in machined aluminum, solid profile of 12mmX6mm, 10cm in length of basic piece axis


3D printing scales 1/10 and 1/5

only two types os pieces, 10cm of axis in rubber

Sketch for Soul of Arrow

Arrows for three equal pieces mounted


Example of Project with Transparent Tissue Arrow,
a Commercial Pavilion with 5m high rectangular volume,
plates of various materials sealed in the internal face of the grid of the structure (grid of 1m),
external volume in Spatial Structure superimposed on the volume of the roof
and vertical volumes with chromed feet, one of the feet moves ...

Project by Leonardo Jorge, without specific address, idealized in the year 2006

Arrows divided in half for mold study, 3D printing