Works Performed by Leonardo Jorge in Spatial Structures

Budget, Executive Project, CNC Programming, Production Lists, Assembly Maps,
Standardization of Method, Execution, Supervision, Software Development...

Internacional Airport Salgado Filho, Porto Alegre - RS \ Brazil

Showroom Tramontina, Carlos Barbosa - RS \ Brazil

Entrance Building Antares, Porto Alegre - RS \ Brazil

Sunroom Building Quebec, Porto Alegre - RS \ Brazil

Sunroom School Marista - Santa Maria - RS \ Brazil

Sunroom School Sagrado Coração de Jesus - Florianópolis - SC \ Brazil

Building Les Halles - Porto Alegre - RS \ Brazil

Stand Perfil S.A. Construsul Fair - Novo Hamburgo - RS \ Brazil

Malwee, Jaraguá do Sul - SC (polished stainless steel, each bar a different length) \ Brazil

Malwee, detail of one better image of Structure similar per Continued by an Engineer, in time
Without Participation by Leonardo Jorge in the Company (detail of Structure in polished
stainless steel)

Atlântico Shopping - Balneáreo Camboriú - SC \ Brazil

Clinical Center Mãe de Deus - Porto Alegre - RS \ Brazil


Brief Part of Details Executive Project of Internacional Airport Salgado Filho, Porto Alegre - RS \ Brazil


Project of some Spatial Structures Budgeted














Design of the Pointer of the second Spherical Structural Node / Rendering

Rendering of the first Spherical Structural Node


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The Best Structural Systems of Docking for Spherical Node Space Structure, Best in the World.