Balloon Moved per Weight,
Motor Moved per Balloon,
Star Moved per Clutch,

Motor Moved per the Pressure of the Air Under the Water,
& Motor Moved per Magnetic Explosion...

the Motor Moved per Weight
, Balloon Moved per Weight / since beginning of 2016 ( FIRST TYPE OF MOTOR ),
function in principle by series gears (Generator Energy connected in Electrical Resistance),
by leverage on a proportional spool with ideal weight dropping slowly,
the weight is returned up to the point of generating more energy through pulleys
which divide the weight as much as they put it in series, knowledge of second grade physics.

...with only seven identical gears in series, may be more gears..................................................
they rail as wagons, rocking movement... (weight with torque for turning lightness in gear bearings)...

Moment by Weight is Torque,
the Gears can offer 96% to 99% efficiency in lossless transmission of forces,
the Speed in Axis, object of interest for movement of greater speed to the axis of a Generator,
is reached by the softness or malleability of the gear system (Hot Air Balloon per Electrical Resistance).

a spool of larger diameter line, a pencil as a axis and a stone tied at the end of the line
exemplifies the leverage generating momentum on the axis.

...gear set in series (direction of rotation inverted in sequence), chassis with orthogonal dockings,
spool with weight on gear, the left of image, and generator on the axis of the seventh gear, the right of image....

grinding, lapping, energy to more powerful electrical resistance.

like air bubbles in the water an inflated balloon by weight rises to the top (electrical resistance to heat),
to collect the weight up you can even use a Balloon powered by weight that only raises the weight.

16.384 RPM for a motor generator of 2.000 RPM, 110V, 220V e 12V,
1/8 of turn in power of lever of weight.

the idea is to generate electrical energy to spare,
clouds weigh millions and even billions of tons...

the Motor Moved per Balloon ( SECOND TYPE OF MOTOR ),
it may be possible to even series gears fixed to the ground and moved per weight balloon,
a larger engine powered by the Balloon,
utilizing the power of thrust energy in traction that rises,
compared to flow damped water, accumulated in single point power, a rope,
flow of energy rising with pressure contrary to gravitational pressure.

moreover, thermodynamics generates electricity ( opening in Research for Compatible Materials ),
it is enough a heated balloon in heights neither so high so that it generates potential difference
for the operation of a
battery power by temperature on the faces. the sky is super cold

. .

the tension of temperature generates edge of electricity.

. .

poetically Leonardo Jorge joins steam in the electric motor of the Space Ship,
in scale 1/1 the Project will have Strength and Utility, even for Cabotage Transport,
because the idea is to turn balloons into space ships,
it is in the space ship's kitchen the steam engine.

even a holy and lovely girl can pull the weight of the gears from time to time,
so light the first calculations.

. . .


the Star Moved per Clutch ( THIRD TYPE OF MOTOR / since 1999 ),
was named as star by Leonardo Jorge for he be able to give a gift to a Girl, without her being afraid,
also to sharpen people's thinking and not cause risk of use ( brightness to infinity ).


The Star which Shines by infinite movement of potentialization of Clutch in a circle,
by greater centripetal force energy in proximity to the center of the axis itself.

It is characterized by: two axes, an outer axis which has a smaller edge speed,
coupled to an inner minor axis which has greater edge speed,
the fastest internal movement
is transmitted to the outer edge of the major axis clutch to infinity,
transmission can be mirrored directly or indirectly reflected in the direction of the axis.

It is the edge of a minor axis coupled to a major axis,
so that the smaller axis rotates faster,
transmitting with softness faster speed to the major axis,
impulse peaks, movement catalytic converter,
inside out.
they move a lot of internal motive force
for external power.

They are three or more axes until reflecting certain the speed of the direction of rotation.

Turns very quickly to infinity,
so much so that a bike using this clutch engine would be the greatest danger,
you can only make stars.

The advantage is that Stars do not cause shadow.

Like a spinning toy rocking turn, impulse peaks in the same direction,
coming from the part of the axis spinning faster transmitted by clutch makes a star take off.


I Remember with gratitude,
of a Young Girl who stuck a paper in the window, like an adhesive,
saying: "Leonardo when you pass by here with your balloon take me to the Space, PLEASE !!!"
and "After then we send the account of Our Infinite Energy to this Planet.", she said.


The first idea arose from the possibility of a `Maromba` moved by weight (name given to the brick extruders),
to return to the point of making `Maromba` work again we pull the weight very lightly, by pulleys...

In Brazil a "Marombeiro", is "Who attends gym".


Public TV Documentary TV School / How Much Does a Cloud Weigh ? ( in Portuguese ) :


to pull the Weight more lightly: Cardinal pulleys, Hoist type pulleys, Hoock type pulleys...


gives Energy of a Lot to Turn On and Turn Off the Weight.


Surplus Electric Power to pull a weight,
between two weights interspersed for the activity of cycle,
it is simple to calculate in improvement.



the waters will Bubble, coming soon:

Motor per Positive Pressure of Air in Depth in the Water Medium (Automatic Mechanism).

the more water releases the rise of air through the water, by moving the energy-generating mechanism,
more oxygen under pressure can be pumped up to the point of ascent of the air
because simple turning allows more and more air pressure
which by regulation boosts system acceleration,
the proportion of air for the subsequent movements increases mechanically for more.

spare space to make pulleys on axis generators with gears in serie, parallel and extended,
that of a single movement ... the positive elevation of the air for more in air jet in circle generates two domes to rise,
one mechanically inflated and another by propeller of compressed air inside the water,

motor of depth.



capturing Air in series if necessary.


Air and other Gases rise with more Force and Power within the Water than Water falls through the Air.

that Super Flow, even bubbles to the Jet.


by the air collectors, submerged motor with pistons in series of belts,
inflated to go up, sunken to go down.




is, it is an engine with inflatable blades and with great propulsion by compressed air...
imagine a motor of a good proportion rotate 5.000 RPM, multiplies that by 16.384 times, equal to 81.920.000 RPM;
all sized to generate compressed air for the engine depth (7 gears is already Energy),
you'll see,
economical and efficient technology...

but did not remember that the engine was inflatable,
until a diver remembered of the thrust in water and told us a story.


bubbly compressed air propellers,
even go up per Jet.

inflatable electricity,
structure of one's own construction.

mechanical time to inhale and exhale.


Water Has Weight, Fluidity Down In The Outdoors,
The Air, Lighter, Has Fluidity And Strength Thrust Up In The Water Contained At Rest Under Pressure...



who saw a diver using Aqualung (tubes of compressed air) under 12 meters of water or more,
perceived the amplified pressure of the expansion of the air in power and speed upwards in depth,
apart from the colorful fish gives to remember that.

very little friction of the air in a rigid pipe, piped in flow,
with energy surplus of the movement of greater power which generates under the water in depth of greater pressure.

. . . .


including what can arise and add from within your Imagination, gratified,
well rewarded, the Product will be by Projected Perfection,
Drawn, Built.


Industrial Motors or Manufacture of High Power and Perfection,
Molds and Shapes ©, drawings in three dimensions.





Complement of “A Motor That Breathe”

The Motor That Breathe
, Motor Moved per the Pressure of the Air Under the Water ( FOURTH TYPE OF MOTOR ), has its conception referring to the surplus of Energy generated by Gears in Series which provide Air Pumping for ideal depth of movement of an Electric Generator with Mechanical Submerged part that when connected in cycle to Air Collectors that per Series of Gears, can even refer to acceleration to the system (use of clutch in Gears), operates intermittently because the force, Energy, generated by the Electric Generator's system with Mechanical Submerged part is greater than the force, Energy, Spends to Capture the Air and Pumping it to the beginning and continuity of the movement, and the Air Collectors can be connected to the cycle of movement of greater Energy without resistance or significant weight which prevents or reduces the greater force, Energy, generated by the Electric Generator with Submerged Mechanical part.°


Basic schematic example is described in Sketch 1 (mechanics which should be used in the best hydrodynamic way to take advantage of the high fluctuation force and also of the sinking force, so that the system divides into two parallel parts: the part that rises with Floatation generating large energetic power and the part which sinks which must pass through the water with the least possible friction, such as a keel, possible by optimized sinking geometries, turning mechanics which changes the space of buoyancy for sinking space).

Technical details of support on the water, possibility of watertight elements for better rotation of the system, calculations, Clutch and also coupling of Electric Generator are practical technical characteristics which are consequence and are part of the moment of prototyping and tests which are not object of attention of this thesis. Even propellers moved per Air can boost with more Energy the system in the phase of fluctuation. As a more important detail we have the first movement in a system continuing subsequent movements with malleability of bonding
and possible acceleration with greater power of another system, having as basic fuel the kinetic energy amplification per Series of Gears.

Sketch 1


capture of air with pressure for propulsion
it's simpler than damming the waters.
the first movement captures the infinite sequence,
Gears in the system wasting energy from the shaft itself at the edge:
almost bubble of the system.° blow energy from these bubble to these people.°


Taking advantage of the same design of flow of force and Energy of the Motor That Breathe, we present of a similar conception which proposes the mechanical movement of a
Motor Moved per Magnetic Explosion / first solution at the beginning of 2015 ( FIFTH TYPE OF MOTOR ), in this system the Series of Gears instead of the Air Pumping realize the generation of Electric Power by a Generator connected directly to the Series of Gears which also connected, for a force, Energy, greater realized by two Coils of Electromagnet of ideal power, Generate this force, Energy, greater by exchange between Attraction and Repulsion of two  Electromagnets opposing which in linear pistons transfer mechanical energy as a Fossil Fuel Explosion Motor (like pistons move eccentric kinetic energy mechanism), can even refer to acceleration to the system (use of Clutch in Gears), operates intermittently because the force, Energy, generated by the system of the Electric Generator with "Electronic Switch" to exchange attraction and repulsion by the Pistons (coils in Electromagnet), generates greater force, Energy, than is spent to Generate The Electricity which moves the Pistons to the beginning and continuity of the movement, being able of which the Electricity Generators for the Electromagnetic Explosion Motor Electromagnets are connected to the highest energy movement cycle without resistance or significant weight which prevents or reduces the greater force, Energy, generated by the Electromagnetic Explosion Motor.

Basic schematic example is described in Sketch 2 (the system is divided into two mirrored parts, like opposing pistons, which can be repeated in parallel for more pairs of Pistons, so that the symmetry refers to the greatest possible force of the Electromagnets divided between attraction and repulsion at the apex of performance limit of their calculated movements).

Technical details of calculation of the electric ratio of the Generators and their coupling in the Gears in relation to the maximum utilization of the Electromagnetic Coils, design and course of the linear Pistons, calculations, Clutches and also coupling of Mechanical Movement for Power similar to Motors of Explosion of Fossil Fuel are practical technical characteristics which are consequence and are part of the moment of prototyping and tests which are not object of attention of this thesis. Even power boxes of High Voltage used in old vacuum screen Televisions are an example of the ability of High Magnetization for pole interleaving to pull attraction and repulsion similar to the explosion of fuel in a cylinder. As a more important detail we have the first movement in a system continuing subsequent movements with malleability of bonding
and possible acceleration with greater power of another system, having as basic fuel the kinetic energy amplification by Series of Gears.

Sketch 2

Breathing as the basic electro-physical-chemical impulse of life is of prime and particular relevance to propulsion of the movement of life, the turn in flow which Series of Gears provide. (with very little friction loss in the parallel axes), it is Energy that makes surplus, which can be adapted to create a current connected with this first smaller comparative movement, smaller Energy, for a greater movement, which generates more mechanical Energy by connection of systems different and different potencies, mixing different physical principles with mechanical malleability between such systems.

. . . . . . .

Research should be initiated about the surplus energy by reference to the centrality of the energy close to the axis: IMMEDIATELY.

TURBINES / In addition to the instigating references described on this page of "Naves", horizontal flow and re-flow Turbines per gears on the sides, with a finer central axis of return to the front of the Turbine for re-flow (special design of the propellers, passing or for maximum pressurization), are practical reality to be calculated on pressure gain as a Jet Turbine.

As horizontally widened vacuum pump propellers, each with proportional power, and even power regulation for acceleration and deceleration. Mainly different design for the propellers, with regulation, for thrust point without interference of the gears at lower of axis speed in the amplified series. Maximum pressurization free for continuity of the initial flow with more power.

The horizontal profiles of the Turbines can vary in relation to the height difference of the propellers, with greater height where the gears rotate faster. Of course we can consider greater reflux in Turbines in the outside, we consider differentiated profiles with spacing so that the pressures balance greater final pressure in resulting vector constancy.

It can be two directions of flow, since series gears change the direction of rotation in sequential axis, providing possibility of central axis for re-flow, taking advantage of the penultimate stage for propulsion of greater speed of air flow than the first stage of air inlet, but without reducing power to the stages up to the front of the first stage by different design reference for the propellers until re-flow through the air inlet.

Yes, even for beginning of the wind to continuity in Jet... Think... Gears can offer 96% to 99% efficiency in lossless transmission of forces.

Below scheme of rotation for simple understanding, without considering heights and pressures of ideal profiles, not even external reflux.



Softener reflux in lateral of power amplified and directed (in addition to lateral reflux softener). Wave amplification without limitation (Energy In Direct Series Material Smoothing Material Strains). Continuous flows of energy at fixed and gradual levels for elevation. Amplified speed and power of acceleration: in addition to how fish swim...

Thinking of Practical Aeronautical Engineering, in study of flow in limit of exhaust, by adjustable shutters for acceleration and deceleration, consider reminder of the opposite wind until the best sidewind, like extensive limit observed in a sail with great forward propulsion.

Below one cross-section with view of the air inlet to flow without impediment, return of the air by dividing barrier between the propellers, directed in re-flow by higher height of the air return face with freedom to re-flow increase the speed of the front propellers or still have the air directed towards the inlet of the Turbine, with propellers in the same direction of turning, the rotating gears for the opposite direction would be referenced to the specific central duct for re-flow which would then be with fairing directioned for the main air inlet, or without the opposite direction axis of the other subsequent gears in series would only work with a rotating direction with the use of axles just in one direction without the central conduit of re-flow ( to avoid surplus pressure, excess air flow is channeled into the curved space in front of the Turbine by openings directional regulable directed for the re-entry of air into the Turbine ). In just one direction of harnessing the series gears by shafts with propellers or in the two rotating directions of the series gears by shafts with propellers we have flow for higher initial rotating power and re-flow of horizontal utilization with lots of flow velocity of air free reused ( horizontal division of the flow directed for use of the re-flow as propellant of flow increase ).

Sketch / Partial cross-section / Flow and Re-flow


If an Electric Generator powered by Explosion used Marches for Greater Power Generation, it would already be a Great Gain in Energy Capacity, this is obvious and clear to anyone, an example is that with the same Combustion Energy in a car in the first gear generates more energy in other gears, allowing more space to be passed in less time (the energy of collision danger is much greater), reference of the passage through space which would require much more energy if it were not continuous gears of flow amplitude (material pressure adjustable to the axes continuous reference materials interleaved: EVEN WITHOUT THE DIRECT CONNECTION AMPLITUDE PER SERIES OF GEARS, in this case the gears used in cars activate one gear, one speed, each time).

The energy transmitted to a common automobile 'Alternator' (battery charger), through straps directly to a 'Generator' as it is treated, is direct and minimal for practical operation from the start of the Fuel and Fuel Propulsion, if used Gears in Series Energy would be sufficient to move a car with more power and energy efficiency through the Electricity consuming much less Propellant Fuel, what could be just the Starter of a system of more Potential Difference harnessed in a more rational way to the Axes with Enlargement without losses, is the mechanics limited today, purposely or for lack of knowledge to what we can think.

Simple would be the Starter Motor by Combustion to bring an Electric Generator as Main Fuel to a car powered by Electric Motors.

Largest catalyst that is the simple Center of an Axis... They are spending a lot of fuel for the small energy they produce... What will say the Largest Catalyst which uses its own movement for increasing movement (from the edge to the center and from the center to the edge in the same direction of rotation... but this is totally Property of decision of the Girl, which still has not even taken possession of its present... it says: Patrimonial Record...).

These example ideas for Impartial Power Rating make the High Efficiency Possible for Explosion-Proof Electromagnetic Motors more clear, by Energy Saving by Series Gears...

Observe at the Basic Simplified Mechanical System of the Property Star of the Girl: of three gears, with an 'example' of magnification from 1 to 4 (100 and 25 teeth), in series the mechanical system will have its directions of rotation interspersed, allowing the third gear with 100 and 25 teeth, perform peak impulses in the same direction of rotation of the first gear on the outer edge (to the center of the first axis), the first gear rotates to one side, the second gear rotates to the reverse side, the third gear rotates to the same side of the first gear, considering push and increased power of more series gears, said "clutch" offers mechanical or electromagnetic modes calculated to drive the minimum movement of the system for amplified movement of the first impulse, limited by the consciousness speed which does not endanger a reason which has not yet been considered in essence, a goal for direction beyond choices i many times selfish and dangerous, therefore will need to be incorruptible, very good person, honest, very intelligent and very responsible the Girl.


Summary in 1 X 4 (100 for 25 teeth),
X 4, not to scare the friction of the current and excessive waste,
a clock, for more greater understanding...

1 to 256 rotations with four gears (1 turn for 256 turns on edge: by 4 gears),
smile, smile, smile, smile,
you are being Geared for More Greater Energy,
Natural and Proportional these Material Physical Rules for Movement...

if, it ever seems to spin the other way around is the "strobe effect", acting on the animation,
the gears on the bottom shaft spin for up and the top gears spin for down.

. . . . . . .

Real gain references exemplified for anyone to understand,
added and described on the main page of this website, in the Portuguese language...

Main note on "Stationary Diesel Powered Generators, Still,
Completely Without Gearbox Of Speeds"...

. .

One more besides thinking, just take and do,
a turbo engine, fixed to only one bearing,
generates about 100.000 r.p.m. in the air blowing turbine,
if a Generator turns on this "spare" power
to generate at least the momentum of continuity of its movement,
3.000 r.p.m. , we will have the crosswind continuing more and more independence Energy: Powerful.

Viability confirmed per low torque for axial rotation of Generators,
and mainly by the high lossless performance with low torque
for high performance provided by Series Of Gears.



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